The Top 10 Best Mozambique Beaches

These best Mozambique beaches are one of Africa’s best-kept secrets. With green swaying palm trees and delicate white sandy beaches upon which gently lapping azure waves create a scene of utter bliss.

An idyllic destination in every sense of the word, when traveling around Mozambique, it would seem that all roads eventually take you to the coast. Just a few hours’ drive from most business hubs and farming communities, you will find some of the best beaches in Africa, many of which are only known among those who call Mozambique home.

In this list you will discover some of the most amazing Mozambique Beaches, and who knows, you might find the spot to go to on your honeymoon or family vacay.

Throughout most of the year, the beaches are packed with tourists, especially in places like Ponta do Ouro which is incredibly popular with holiday makers from outside of Mozambique. But places like that are really just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to beautiful Moz beaches. If you have not yet set your sights on these beaches, you are truly missing out on some exquisite destinations.

1. Guinjata Bay

Guinjata Bay, home to Guinjane Lodge is close to Inhambane and really easy to access. Located 480km North of Maputo and 970km from Pretoria. For some that may sound like a handful, and although there are other Mozambique beaches near South Africa, once you have reached the amazing destination of Guinjata Bay, you won’t regret a thing. Guinjata Bay is the perfect place to indulge in a little downtime. A lot of visitors at Guinjane Lodge say that this is their favourite beach in Mozambique, without a doubt. Going on holiday is all about experiencing new cultures and trying out new things, Guinjata Bay is full of lively Mozambican culture ready to embrace anyone interested. Guinjata Bay has some really enjoyable activities on offer, which include swimming in the tranquil waters, scuba diving at the world-renown Manta Reef, fishing at some of the best fishing destinations in Mozambique or choose lunch from 3 different restaurants all within a kilometre of Guinjane Lodge. Although a 4×4 is required to get there, a visit to the Bay is well worth it. Guinjane Lodge is known as some of the best self-catering accommodation in Mozambique, which has guests coming back year after year. Guinjane Lodge is located perfectly with one of the best Mozambique beaches at your disposal. Contact Us to Book your spot with one of the Best Mozambique Beaches Resorts/Accommodation.

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2. Ponta Mamoli

Shrouded from view by savannah grasses, forest trees and floodplains, Ponta Mamoli is a secluded beach, known only to locals and a few lucky South Africans who’ve been let in on its secret location. Home to one of the richest turtle nesting sites in Southern Mozambique – Ponta Mamoli is Located 100km South of Maputo (One of the Mozambique beaches near Maputo on this list) and just 25km North of Kosi Bay. Situated between the towns of Ponta Dobela and Ponta Malongane, this beach is essentially just a 2km strip of sand that was once overgrown but today, it is a pristine private escape for those looking to break away from the busyness we face in our everyday lives. Ponta Mamoli is known for producing stunning Mozambique beaches pictures/Images and is especially known for being a spectacular honeymoon location, couples can enjoy the calming sound of waves lapping the shoreline while having sun-downers in an infinity pool. At night couples can experience the intimacy of a candle-lit dinner for 2 on a deserted beach, under a sky packed with stars. Some of the activities in the area include Horse Riding, kayaking, snorkeling with Dolphins and a chance to see this strip of paradise from a helicopter. Word has it that fishing from the shores of Ponta Mamoli is definitely worth busting out the old rod ‘n reel.

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3. Quirimbas Archipelago

Quiet and out of the public eye, the archipelago of Quirimbas is the place to go if you’re looking for the entire meaning of peace and quiet. Home to many exquisite beaches waiting to be explored. The spectacular Quirimbas Archipelago is a massive unexplored chain of 32 Indian ocean islands along the northern coast of Mozambique. The Quirimbas National Park just north of Pemba includes 11 of these islands. These form part of the National Park on mainland Mozambique which was formed the local communities to protect and maintain this beautiful environment. Known as one of the best diving spots in Mozambique, this under-water mountain is sure to leave you amazed. Access to this spot is done via Pemba and once here, there is an amazing deserted Island feeling about the place. This is paradise in every sense of the word, but it is a rather out of reach destination so be prepared for more than a day’s stay.

Quirimbas Archipelago - Best Mozambique Beaches - Guinjane Lodge

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4. Vilanculos

Just past the bay lies the spectacular Bazaruto Archipelago, a chain of islands in a Marine National Park. A holiday favourite for many, Vilanculos, is located 750km North of Maputo and by far one of the easiest beaches to access with tar roads suitable for regular vehicles. Like majority of the best Mozambique beaches this one has a fantastic local vibe and is always stocked with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. A number of town eateries are ready to serve you with a steady supply of their famous Mozambique prawns and beer. It is the ideal destination for those who are keen on outdoor sports with activities such as kite and wind surfing, which are quite popular. Vilanculos is also an amazing holiday destination, because it has a variety of local shops, filled with both necessities and souvenirs. Going on a trip to the Bazaruto Archipelago and choosing not to go diving or snorkelling would be a mistake. As soon as you go underwater you will be astounded by the variety of marine life, when diving here you can expect to see manta rays, whale sharks, turtles and humpback whales in season. This area is known as one of the few sites where the extremely scarce dugong lives.

Vilanculos - Best Mozambique Beaches- Guinjane Lodge

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5. Praia do Tofo

Starting off small, this town has grown through the years into what it is today, paradise. Praia do Tofo features a small vegetable and African market, three amazing diving centres, a small hotel and numerous other accommodation facilities. This small town can be found in eastern Mozambique, only 22kms from Inhambane. Praia do Tofo is an extremely popular tourist destination and with good reason. One of the biggest success factors of Praia do Tofo is the marine life – The diving retreats offer guests an opportunity to be face to face with nature. The clear warm waters are home to a myriad of sea creatures, including curious tropical fish, whale sharks, turtles and manta rays. It helps to have some diving experience before embarking on a trip here, although now is as good a time as any to learn. With numerous bars and restaurants to choose from, you’ll find yourself sipping sundowners on the beach every night. Guests also have the option of taking a nice long horse ride on the beach and we have been told its one of the best ways to clear anyone’s mind.

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6. Praia da Macaneta

In Maputo Province there are many fine beaches, but very often they are overlooked in favour of the less populated provinces. Praia da Macaneta is one of those beaches. This little island features multiple accommodation options, a nice beach and a restaurant cooking up fresh prawns as we speak. Here the waves are perfect almost all year round and the beach can be reached by boat from Maputo. Swimming at Praia Da Macaneta is best left for those that are fully capable, as the waves here can be quite intimidating. For the Surfers who are looking to catch a few waves, you should definitely make the time to visit Praia da Macaneta. The majority of the time you will find yourself to be the only one at the beach – no crowds, no flying beach balls and most importantly, no noise.

Praia da Macaneta - Best Mozambique Beaches - Guinjane Lodge

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7. Bazaruto and Benguerra

The spectacular islands of Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique are known for their unspoilt beauty and peace that surpasses all human understanding. The pristine coral reefs are home to over 2000 species of fish as well as Dolphins and Whales. It goes without saying that the diving and snorkelling in the Bazaruto Marine National Park is something you will never forget. In the channel that runs between these two areas, lies a place that every fly fisherman dreams of. While most fishing is done out on the ocean, fly fishing is one way that fishermen can indulge in their favourite hobby from the beach. Green jobfish, kawakawa, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, rainbow runner, and couta are just a handful of the fish that can be caught in a morning catch when fishing here. Some of the other activites include diving, kayaking, parasailing or snorkelling in the “aquarium”. The Aquarium is a HUGE protected pool that consists of coral reefs that are known to have incredibly varied species of underwater life. This protected portion is home to whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins and humpback whales. Some visitors might even have the chance of experiencing the presence of the extremely rare Dugong.

Bazaruto and Benguerra - Best Mozambique Beaches- Guinjane Lodge

8. Benguerra Island

Benguerra Island is considered to be the granddaddy of the Bazaruto although it’s smaller. Imagine the most unspoilt island within a Marine National Park, with kilometres of deserted white beach. The Benguerra Island has sunny weather all year round which makes it great for holiday, any time of the year! A fabulous wine cellar with imported wine from france, the “Vibey Star Bar” and The Jelly Fish restaurant, are some of the eateries to be found here. Getting to the island is much easier than many other. A mere 2-hour flight from Johannesburg to Vilancuos, once you get there you will then hop on another short fixed-wing plane or a helicopter which will take you to the final island. The flying does make it a little more expensive to stay on the island rather than the mainland, but not by much.

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9. Inhaca Island

Across the bay from Maputo, only 38km away, lies the island of Inhaca. Despite its close proximity to civilization, the island feels far removed from the everyday hustle and bustle of the Mozambican capital. This island is known as a “Dune forest”, with mangrove thickets surrounded by several spectacular Mozambique Beaches. If you want to experience the true Mozambican culture, head to the beach directly in front of the Inhaca Village. Here you can sit and watch the locals go about their daily business. Inhaca is a partially designated marine reserve and is home to a respected Marine Biology Station. This has allowed the island to flourish with aquatic and terrestrial life that can be experienced everyday when Scuba Diving, snorkelling, kayaking, and even when cruising to another island by boat. For those that are in to bird-watching, Inhaca island is a top destination in Mozambique with more than 300 recorded species.

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10. Magaruque Island

The private Island of Magaruque is situated almost directly offshore from Vilanculos town. With wide stretches of wide sand in all directions, the Magaruque Island is the 3rd largest of six islands that make up the Bazaruto Archipelago. There are two ways that you can visit; embark on a dhow trip from the mainland or surrounding islands, or spoil yourself to an unforgettable stay at the islands ONLY luxury lodge. If you choose option 2, get ready to have an entire paradise to yourself once all the day-trippers depart. The luxury lodge is located on the west coast in front of a deep channel that provides access to excellent Snorkelling, Diving and Deep-Sea Fishing. In 1971 the entire Archipelago was designated as a Marine National Park and it fulfills an important role as a sanctuary for various majestic sea creatures, some of which are Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, Turtles and Humpback Whales. This spot is also famous for Mozambique’s largest remnant population of threatened dugongs.

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