The Top 7 Best Mozambique Beaches

With green swaying palm trees and delicate white sandy beaches upon which gently lapping azure waves create a scene of utter bliss, these best Mozambique beaches are one of Africa’s best kept secrets.

An idyllic destination in every sense of the word, when travelling around Mozambique, it would seem that all roads eventually take you to the coast. Just a few hours’ drive from most business hubs and farming communities, you will find some of the best beaches in Africa, many of which are only known among those who call Mozambique home.
Throughout most of the year, the beaches are packed with tourists, especially in places like Ponta do Ouro which is incredibly popular with holiday makers from outside of Mozambique. But places like that are really just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to beautiful Moz beaches.
If you have not yet set your sights on these beaches, you are truly missing out on some exquisite destinations.

1. Ponta Mamoli

Shrouded from view by savannah grasses, forest trees and floodplains, Ponta Mamoli is a secluded beach, known only to locals and a few lucky South Africans who’ve been let in on its secret location.

Situated between the towns of Ponta Dobela and Ponta Malongane, this beach is essentially just a strip of sand that was once overgrown. Today, it is a private escape for those looking to break away from the prying eyes of the world, and spend some time getting back in touch with themselves.

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2. Quirimbas Archipelago

Quiet and out of the public eye, the archipelago of Quirimbas is home to many exquisite beaches waiting to be explored. Access to the spot is done via Pemba and once here there is a distinctly deserted Island feeling about the place.
This is paradise in every sense of the word, but it is a rather out of reach destination so be prepared for more than a day’s stay.

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3. Vilanculos

By far one of the easiest beaches to access, like many of the best Mozambique beaches this one has a fantastic local vibe and it is the ideal destination for those who are keen on outdoor sports. Vilanculos is also a great place because it has a number of local shops, filled with both necessities and souvenirs.

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4. Praia do Tofo

For those who are keen on diving, Tofo, along with Barra, are two of the best places go. The clear warm waters are home to a myriad of sea creatures, including curious tropical fish and manta rays. It helps to have some diving experience before embarking on a trip here, although now is as good a time as any to learn.

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5. Praia da Macaneta

In Maputo Province there are many fine beaches, but they are often overlooked in favour of the less populated provinces. Praia da Macaneta is one of those beaches.
Surfers who are looking to catch a few waves should make the time to visit Praia da Macaneta. Here the waves are perfect almost all year round and the beach can be reached by boat from Maputo.

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6. Bazaruto and Benguerra

In the channel that runs between these two areas, lies a place that every fly fisherman dreams of. While most fishing is done out on the ocean, fly fishing is one way that fishermen can indulge in their favourite hobby from the beach. Green jobfish, kawakawa, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, rainbow runner, and couta are just a handful of the fish that can be caught in a morning catch when fishing here.

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7. Guinjata Bay

Guinjata Bay, home to Guinjane Lodge is close to Inhambane and really easy to access. Although a 4×4 is still required to get there, a visit to the Bay is well worth it. Guinjata Bay is the perfect place to indulge in a little downtime, while making the most of the activities on offer, which include swimming in the tranquil waters, scuba diving at the Manta Reef, and some amazing fishing destinations. Guinjane Lodge is known as some of the best self catering accommodation in Mozambique with one of the best Mozambique beaches at your disposal.

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