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Guinjane Lodge is known for having some of the finest Self Catering Accommodation in Mozambique, giving our guests the opportunity to personalize their holiday according to their needs. Take the break you deserve, leave the busy city in your rear-view mirror and book your spot in one of our luxurious ocean view chalets and relax.

Our Lodge is located approximately 480km North of Maputo and 30km South of the coastline of Inhambane. The road leading to the Guinjane Lodge is a dirt road and accessible by vehicles with a 2×4 diff lock configuration or a 4×4 vehicle, both with well-deflated tyres.

Only 30km from the province of Inhambane in Mozambique, lies Guinjane Lodge “The jewel of Inhambane”. Upon arrival at the lodge you will lay your eyes the most breathtakingly beautiful views. Imagine, palm trees swaying gently in the wind, sandy white beaches – waiting for you to take your shoes off and last but not least, the tranquil blue waters of the Indian Ocean washing up on the beach front.

Our Mozambique Accommodation self-catering includes:

  • Five bedroom, two bathroom, ten sleeper unit

    This unit can accommodate up to 10 individuals, whether you have a large type of family or have some friends wanting to share a unit, the 5-bedroom unit is definitely the way to go.

  • Two bedroom, two bathroom, six sleeper unit

    This unit can accommodate up to 6 individuals, perfect for a small family or couple searching for a perfect sized unit with a stunning ocean view.

  • Three bedroom, two bathroom, eight sleeper unit

    This unit can accommodate up to 8 individuals, ticking all the boxes needed for a family reunion, ocean views and spacious accommodation.

Unit Perks :

All our units come with your basic everyday items such as linen, cutlery, crockery, fridge, deep freeze, kettle, gas stove and gas geyser. Each unit has ceiling fans, a private washing line and the cherry on top – a private braai. Please note that towels are not included and guests should supply their own.

Boat bays and washing facilities are also included for the guests with boats.

As we all know – Mozambique is a Malaria area, therefore all units are equipped with mosquito nets, although we would suggest bringing along some mosquito repellent as well.

At Guinjane Lodge, our guest’s security is our number one priority – We have 24-hour security on our premises ensuring our guests’ safety and comfortability.

Activities in the area include:

Going to beach bars and grabbing a cold 2M, trying out some of the local cuisine, visiting the local markets, swimming in the clear blue water, kayaking, seeing some of the most amazing underwater creatures through a pair of snorkelling goggles, grabbing some ‘pao’ from the superette or simply just chilling on the beach soaking up the Mozambique sun.

If none of the above activities peak your interests, other activities include:

Scuba Diving

Guinjata Bay is a world-renown scuba diving location with many different local diving sites such as the Reef, Paindane X-press, Turtle Creek, Egypt, Hard Rock, Devils Peak, Caves, Pao, Batfish, Coral Gardens and Fishbowl. All these sites can be accessed without permits and don’t require advanced scuba diving skills but to be on the safe side, always take an experienced diver along.

With the necessary permits, guest’s have the opportunity to scuba dive in some of the world’s most astounding dive sites, such as the Manta Reef; This reefs popularity comes from all the Manta Rays in the area and is guaranteed to be a dive you never forget. Positioning yourself correctly, you could get one of these graceful creatures swimming right over you! The depth of the dive is between 21 and 30 meters deep and is home to Potato Bass, Red Fang Trigger Fish, Yellow Snappers, Bigeyes and many more species to be seen.


Guinjata Bay accommodates all types of fishing, you can choose between fly fishing, rock or surf fishing or you can go all out and cast off the side of a boat in the middle of the ocean (deep-sea fishing). Mainly targeting the game fish species such as Kingfish, Tuna and Greater Barracuda. It could be your lucky day as hooking a Sailfish is not that uncommon, but be sure to take pictures/videos if you do catch one because some would think it’s a fisherman’s tale. The largest Blue Sailfish ever caught in Guinjata Bay weighed an astonishing 448kg and was caught on December 22 in 2019.

End the day off by spending time with friends and family and watching the calming sunset with your drink in your one hand and some braai tongs in the other.

For prospective guests who choose Guinjane Lodge as their preferred Self Catering Mozambique Accommodation for the first time, we provide the following tips when traveling to Mozambique:

  • Visa requirements in Mozambique

  • We recommend that guests obtain their visas prior to travelling to Mozambique. If you are a South Africans citizen, a visa is not required when you go on holiday in Mozambique. Business and ÂÂÂ Tourist visas are normally valid for 2 months only which means that your visa has to be used within 2 months of the date of being issued (with stays between 30 to 90 days). A passport must still be valid 6 months after the date of your return with at least 2 blank pages in it.

  • The authorities will accept EU emergency passports (ETD). Visas for a 30 day period and entry can be obtained upon arrival at the international airports in Mozambique, including Vilankulo and Maputo as well as when you cross the border into Mozambique from the neighbouring countries. You can pay for visas in South African Rand or US Dollar (in cash) It is recommended that children travel on their own passports.

  • Malaria precaution

  • Please note that Mozambique is a country where you run the a risk of contracting Malaria and because there is no vaccine against malaria we recommend that you take the necessary precaution and speak to your doctor about taking malaria pills before entering the country. Don’t forget to bring along mosquito repellents,

  • Travel insurance

  • If you are flying to Mozambique from other countries – we recommend that you get the necessary holiday travel insurance to cover you in case of any emergency.

  • It is always safer to drink bottled water.

The Bonus of Choosing Luxury Self Catering Accommodation in Mozambique

When choosing to stay in luxury self-catering accommodation in Mozambique, especially if you intend to treat yourself to a nice, long holiday, you will have the perfect setting in which to comfortably create your home away from home.

Luxury self-catering units are filled with everything you could possibly need to make your stay feel more comfortable and more, well, you. If you are traveling with your family or if you are just the kind of person who finds comfort in the familiar, having more control over how the space looks and feels is a big plus when creating your dream holiday in Mozambique.

At Guinjane, we are all about making sure that our guests experience the best possible stay while at our lodge. This is why we have gone beyond the norm of having the standard self-catering units, and instead opted to ensure that our guests have a luxury stay, even if you are making your own meals!

There are many great benefits associated with luxury self-catering accommodation even though this style of accommodation can so often be underestimated. Our accommodation, in particular, is a fantastic option for those with a more discerning taste. With various rooms that look out over the warm Indian Ocean and with plenty of fun activities to indulge in, at Guinjane you can look forward to a real holiday break.

Luxury self-catering accommodation in Mozambique could be just what you are looking for

When planning your dream vacation, these are just a few reasons why it is a great option:

  1. All the space you could dream of

When staying in any other type of accommodation, you run the risk of having to share your space with other guests. That is not the case when you stay at Guinjane.

You can look forward to having your own unit, and you can choose from 2, 3 and 5 bedroom chalets. Each of the units has its own self-catering facilities, so you will not have to share a communal kitchen or book a table in an on or off site restaurant.

All this space means plenty of privacy and the opportunity to sprawl out and make your unit more suitable to your unique needs.

  1. You can make you own meals

Whether you wish to cook up a storm in the unit’s kitchen or if you are keen to get the braai going, you are in full control of every meal. This is the ideal perk for anyone who has particular dietary requirements or who simply likes to decide when and where they eat.

Since self-catering units will come with the necessary pots and pans, you don’t have to worry about carrying around heavy extra luggage. One thing you will need to bring along is food. While nearby shops could fill your pantry, if you have specific meal expectations, packing your own food is a must.

  1. Become a local

Staying in a self-catering unit is one way to enjoy a more authentic holiday, the type that will feel as though you are living like a local. Coming and going as you please, not having to check into and out of the unit each day and having no set mealtimes means you can take full opportunity of the freedom to explore. When staying at Guinjane, it also means you can spend as much time as you like on the beach and in the warm ocean.

  1. It’s real value for money

Luxury self-catering accommodation, in particular, is worth every cent. The units at Guinjane work out a whole lot cheaper, especially if you are travelling in a large group, while the cheaper price does not mean a compromise on quality.

When staying in any type of self-catering accommodation, since you won’t be paying out extra on pricey restaurant meals, you can make your budget go a lot further and perhaps factor in more adventures during your time in Mozambique.

  1. The entire experience is just more personal

Going on holiday is as much about making memories as it is about having a break. And it really helps to stay in a place that will give you a more personal vibe.

While the accommodation at Guinjane is fully furnished with everything you need, the size of the units will allow you to bring a few things from home. When travelling with children, you can bring along books and other entertainment, without the worry that it is going to take up loads of extra space.

Guinjane Lodge is the perfect place for a family adventure and with our affordable, luxury self-catering accommodation in Mozambique, you can look forward to an epic break away.

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