Manta Reef, Inhambane Mozambique

Guinjane Lodge a luxurious yet affordable self-catering lodge is situated at the beautiful clear blue sea & white beaches in the Guinjata Bay area.

Close to Guinjane Lodge lies the famous Manta Reef, featuring a huge diversity of marine life including numerous giant mantas, up to 6m in width. Scuba diving at the Manta Reef is an experience of a lifetime!

The top of the reef has beautiful soft corals and you will be dazzled with spanish dancers, green turtles, large trumpetfish, yellow snappers, large potato groupers, barracuda, scorpion fish, triggerfish, fairy basslets, tiny little goldies of only to name a few and then ofcourse, the famous Manta Rays!

This majestic reef is only accessible by boat and with the many dive centres surrounding Guinjane Lodge, you will be in the water ready to explore the sealife at this world renowned Manta Reef before you know it!

The Manta Reef is about 10km from Guinjata Bay, where Guinjane Lodge is situated. The average depth of the reef is about 25m and the maximum 30m.

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